I just love this set! We thought this gorgeous yellow lingerie would really shine against the blue wall and we were right, the lingerie looks great... and my ass tight!!
We're always looking for new places to shoot. Like this nice footbridge in a small artificial lake, it was the perfect place to wear this cute yellow dress!
I really like how it fits my body and the way my legs look! My booty looks good too! ;)

"Cute face, tight body, great legs & amazing ass!" This is how a very kind member described me. Sounds good! I definitely like my face (duh!), body isn't bad (I think!), legs are ok, and my ass...
Not so long ago I just didn't like my ass at all! Now... well, let's say I just can't believe the butt in the pic is actually mine! And believe me, it is! :) Want a lil' more booty?

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