Well, last warning, tons of writing ahead! Keep reading at your own risk!
So you wanna know a lil' more about me, right? I'm just a young blonde girl from Spain who always wanted to be a model! I love the sun & the beach almost more than anything, I'm a pretty good swimmer & surfer and whenever I can I go to the beach with my friends! I also love clubbing & dancing all night!
I like to surf the web and chat with my friends, I love animals of all kind ...and I love posing for pictures! Since I was a lil' girl I was always posing in front of the camera, and if nobody had one I just used mine! So, I decided that I was gonna give it a try and started looking for modeling works. I've made some sporadic work in the past before starting the site, I worked at a couple of discos, I baby-sitted and I posed for a couple of local websites.
One of those pics made his way to a national magazine (FHM) and this was where all started! Q, Eggman & Sayakka were looking for the right model to put a website online, they found my pics on a site, liked them, contacted me... and the rest is history! They recruited Monty and in a couple of months we were all working together! It all went so fast I still can't believe it! So, here we are almost a year of hard work after we first met! The site is finally alive and rocking and I'm having a lot of fun doing it!

So now that you know a lil' more about me it's time for you to meet my teammates! Without this girl & guys this site couldn't have been possible! They spent most of the time working behind the camera to make all this happen, but sometimes they just can resist the chance to feel like a star and smile to the camera! LOL!

We, the people who made LovelyLizzy.com possible, are a team of 5 people. Myself, Q, Sayakka, Eggman & Monty. Two girls & three guys! We're all different but we have some things in common, mostly we all hate hard work lol! But, strangely, we all work our asses off to make this site happen! We're always working in it, trying to make it better.

In brief:
Monty is the main photographer, always ready to sing me "Aquarius" when I need a mood lift.
Eggman shoots the video and is always good for some comic relief (when he's not busy making guest appearances in the pics!).
Sayakka handles make-up & stylism and is always there to help.
Q manages everything, steps in with the camera when needeed, does the web desing and helps in every area, kinda a do-it-all guy!
I'd also like to mention MoFo, kinda the sixth member of the team, always ready to step-in and help in whatever area of need!
It's been a long way since we started this thing and we came a long way :) I have to tell you that in the beginning I was a real shy girl, I swear I was. And I was in a really odd situation, having to pose almost naked in front of some guys that I almost didn't know, even if they were really kind! We were always fighting about what should I show in the pictures and what not.

I was pretty reluctant to put on thongs and show my booty (go figure!) and they have to really fight for each and every shot! Now I'm a lil' more daring and I'm really proud of my body, specially my butt, and I have no problem at all showing it! lol! I'm doing pictures right now that I never thought I could do, ever... and I feel very comfortable doing them! And believe me, they know it and are taking fully advantage of this and getting me to do more & more daring poses every time! The sets keep getting hotter & spicier all the time :)

So, that's our story in a few words. What makes us different? Easy: I'm real!
Everything in this site is 100% real. We just build the site the way we'd like it to be if we were surfin' it! We try to please both ourselves and our members, we really listen to their suggestions and requests! And the moment you join, you're part of the team! Surfin' the members area you'll feel as if you know me and that's because you will know me! You'll go thru all the hard work while building the site, my good and bad times, and will live with me everything life has in store for me!
Well, that's it! I'll be glad if you join me and the rest of the team in our wild journey! I have nothing to offer you besides me :) But hey! If you like me a bit, I have tons of it inside! Everything you wanna know about me... and of course (I almost forgot), thousands of really sexy, hot, pictures! Thanks for reading! Lizzy.

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